Sunday, 27 October 2013

Odd Ball - My golden cage at the ANU Art School Ball

The Art School Ball was on the 12th of October. I made a golden bird cage out of recycled materials, a combination of metal poles from felled shade pavilions, floor insulation and old poly-pipe, wired and taped together. This exercise relates in theme to my self-portrait as a galah, "I'm not a Budgie." The cage was documented there at the "Odd Ball"by Janis Lejins - many thanks, see more photos at

We took the cage into the Art School in our truck and already had a hitchhiker as we carried it inside.

At one stage there were six revellers occupying this small space, it bent in a few unexpected ways. Eventually I hung up my flapping bird companions, donned my wings and danced. The next outing for the birdcage should be on our float at the Mardi Gras next year.

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