Thursday, 11 July 2013

Thinking or filming; I like to take photos, but am I a photographer?

I am an artist. I could also be a writer and I am sensitive to sound and the structure of music, but am I a photographer or film maker? Probably not. I really don't care much about the quality of my photography or film-making which is obvious if you have a look at my films I have posted here, with my own structured artwork I get a lot more fussy.

Wherever I go, whatever I see, I analyse the structure and form of what is around me, but I am not really the sort of person who carries a camera and uses it as an extension of their mind. I would like to be, because I see so many opportunities for film making.

The classic missed opportunity was years ago when my partner and son were riding in an Adult and Child Pair at a local agricultural show. My partner, Kate, was riding a young horse and our son was on his fluffy pony. I was taking photos, I was watching through the viewfinder as they went around the ring with the other pairs. Suddenly, without warning, the young horse who was feeling a bit tired after being at the show all day, sat down in the ring in the middle of the class. What did I do? Did I take the comedy show shot of the decade? No, I was so surprised I dropped the camera.

So what next? A combination of drawing/painting and film would have to be animation. Just watched this so I'm sharing it.

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