Friday, 7 June 2013

Horses, donkeys, all the beasts; transport that pollutes the least.

 A quick film, made for the 48 hour eco-film challenge and pieced together from some shockingly bad quality footage taken with my Samsung Handycam. Have you tried to film the moon on a frosty night with a handycam? The film was made by me on our farm over the weekend, then put together with stills from my own artwork by myself using iMovie. For some strange reason iMovie wasn't processing two thirds of the footage I had taken so there was film I wanted to use which was left out. It has been said that I am no film-maker, but I hope you enjoy some of this weird compilation. At least I tried. 

Reach for the moon, I say. I really don't like the sound of my own voice but I think a lot of people have that problem. I have transcribed the poem which I wrote for the film below. The music was made from samples I made which were produced by MC Fade at his Jerrangle recording studio near Canberra, Australia.
The strangeness of the story is partly because of my bird obsession and partly because I had to include a couple of different things in the plot, to prove that it was made over the correct weekend. I had to have a character called Jacquie Adams who was a social worker and a prop of a pair of sunglasses. All filming and scriptwriting had to be done within the specified 48 hours but entrants were allowed to use previously created still photos which they owned the rights to. For an unprepared film made entirely by myself, I don't think I did too badly. It didn't make the list, but I was up against teams of film-makers which could be any size and came from all over the world.

“Birds…scream at the top of their lungs in horrified hellish rage every morning at daybreak to warn us all of the truth. They know the truth. Screaming bloody murder all over the world in our ears, but sadly we don’t speak bird.”
― Kurt Cobain

It's the last full Autumn moon, summer's over, Winter soon
Gaea wants you all to know what you should do is take it slow
Humans, we know change you shirk, so what you need is social work
A sad case-study, humankind, so out of sight and out of mind

Her social workers? Well, we're birds - spying on the human herds
Country, city we are there, in all weather, foul or fair
Mountain, forest, lake or bog, see right through your human smog
Will you save that national park or keep on struggling in the dark?

If you humans think your best, you're ignoring all the rest
The world's not yours, now pay the rent, have some caseload management
I'm here to have a little chat, but how to act? Can't tell you that
I've forms reports and interviews, for information... watch the news

I'm Jacquie Adams, I'm a bird, Earth's in trouble, have you heard?
I'm here to help but it's your choice, come on humans, use your voice
Great Southern Land, you're full of greed, come notice those who live in need
Do not fear the winter cold, but endless heat unless you're bold.

A lifestyle change is not the end, all current rules were made to bend
How do we make this work for us? Can't understand? What's all the fuss?
Ecology, our stewardship, might keep afloat this sinking ship
Remember there were dinosaurs... Change not coming? Change the laws.

Tell me have you seen the sun... have you got your glasses on
Australia, you have got to see, it could provide our energy
Renew, sustain and tell your Pollie, they have got to spend the Lolly
Not on fracking Greenhouse gas or for drilling in the Bass

Group together, be a force, harness up this solar horse
Speaking of the solar horse, it's not the only horse of course
horses have been used for yonks, horses, mules and faithful donks
around the world in every nation, beasts sustain the population

The fuel price gains, the beast remains.
For those without a car or truck, an animal to help means luck,
to carry food or firewood, to plough the field, a livelihood
90 million equine mates help families survive their fates

Their energy's sustainable if you just keep their bellies full,
manure is good for growing crops, no algal blooms from nitrate props.
So take advice from Jacqui Bird, be partners with the equine herd.
High tech low tech, take your pick, the world needs change and make it quick.

How did you get to work today, car or bus, bike, train or sleigh?
And how about the supply chain, where'd you get your beef and grain?
Just count the miles your food must travel, it's a puzzle to unravel,
Chinese peas and US pork, what energy is on your fork?

Potato's not a perfect round? Go plough it back into the ground
Go bulldoze all Australia's North, so goods can travel back and forth,
irrigating shallow soil, tanking up with pure crude oil,
Coles and Woolies, they won't stop, so buy food local when you shop

Cyclone, wildfire, tsunami, just think of how the world might be
You chose fast food I choose slow food, tell me do you really know food
Lifestyle with consumer choices, less iron birds with shrieking voices
We want less waste and much less greed, and definitely much less speed

To save our world will be a plus, that's how we'll make this work for us.
And don't forget to save the trees, we birds all need them, pretty please.

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