Monday, 20 May 2013

Home is where the art is

 JUDITH WAS WRIGHT BY A.M. SCHNEIDER, Oil on Canvas, Painted at Weereewa/Lake George

 My art practice disappears into the distance like a Palerang country road. Over 35 years of twisting and turning, embracing every pothole and technical challenge but never staying for long. I feel like the rally driver of the art world. If I look at my art practice in retrospect I can, however, see that it is a road; particularly if I gain enough altitude to map it from the air. There are connecting themes and forms throughout my work, although they can sometimes be hard to spot.

"That's not all the work of one person," says the viewer. "Oh yes it is," say I. There's a juxtaposition of colours and forms which has nothing to do with good taste. I constantly test the limits of whatever media I engage with. Other artists have refined this process and aesthetic, I keep telling myself, study them and learn from their mistakes. You're wasting time in re-inventing the wheel, Nette. Do what you're good at and then do more of it.

So what ... rules are made to be broken. It's only artwork, I'm not really doing any harm by offending the viewer's eye.  Perhaps the thing that makes my art my own is not what the media or subject is, but how the rules are creatively bent. Now I'm out on a new adventure ... bending computer art. Hang on ... it's a brand new field, who made the rules? You don't have to bend the rules, Nette; just invent, create, invent.

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